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Guangzhou multifilament environmental protection engineering co., LTD. -- is the only company specialized is engaged in the hot spring water transport engineering in China, also is the present domestic most engaged in the hot spring water supply performance of the company. Our main products are yunnan hot spring pipe, pipe insulation, epoxy glass steel pipe, hot spring tube, heat preservation water pipes in fujian province and guangdong thermal insulation pipe, filament winding glass pipe insulation, high temperature hot spring tube, guangzhou, double spring pipe, polyurethane thermal insulation pipe, large diameter hot spring tube, heat insulation pipe, guangzhou FRP pipeline, high temperature hot spring tubes, glass fiber winding glass pipe, heat pipe hot water, hot water pipe, glass steel, guangzhou winding glass pipe, glass steel pipes, guangdong hot spring heat preservation pipe, insulating pipe, water pipe, glass steel, glass steel pipes, FRP

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