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Guangdong hot spring tube win the authenticity of method

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Guangdong hot spring tube win the authenticity of method
A, look at the surface of the floor heating pipes, floor heating pipe with good quality surface is smooth and not bump, bubbles, clear off color with impurities, and floor heating pipes on the show floor heating pipe type, specification and brand. Good floor heating pipe above printing is clear and not easy to fall off.
Second, to feel with the hand pipe whether there is a groove edge, the tubing feels feel fine and smooth, with good quality soft hard moderate degree.
Three or more flexibility with wall thickness of floor heating pipes, individual floor heating pipe wall thickness was 2.0, some of the floor heating pipe annotation is the wall thickness of 2.0, but actually wall thickness can not reach, but the floor heating pipe wall thickness is with good quality can reach the request, and indicate the same. When you are single as tubing is helpless to identify you may use two

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