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Guangzhou FRP pipe more cater to the development of The Times

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Guangzhou FRP pipe more cater to the development of The Times
1, guangzhou FRP pipe with excellent physical properties, the proportion of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes of 1.8-2.1, which is about a quarter of the steel, higher than the strength of the steel, cast iron and plastic, the weight of the glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline is generally not more than 1/3 of the steel tube with specification, physical and mechanical performance is excellent, moreover, the coefficient of expansion of glass steel pipe and steel the same, only 0.5% of the steel, heat conduction coefficient is a kind of very good heat and electrical insulators.
2, chemical corrosion resistance, long service life, suitable for transporting all kinds of acid, alkali, salt and organic solvents, such as different medium.
3, guangzhou excellent FRP pipe hydraulic characteristics, hydraulic characteristics is one of the important characters of glass steel pipe. Excellent hydraulic characteristics mean fluid head loss is small, can choose a smaller diameter or smaller power pump, thus ?

6, guangzhou FRP pipe product applicability: 25 mm between a 4000 mm in diameter, pipe compression capacity for a long time, generally within 1.6 Mpa, according to user's special demand, the higher pressure can reach more than 6.4 Mpa.
7, higher transmission capacity: pipe inside sleek N 0.0084 or less. Higher than traditional materials are of the same diameter flow capacity and save the pump energy, extend the working life of the project.
8, penetration, low seepage rate: due to the good sealing connection and longer length of pipe, glass steel pipe is lower than traditional material tube penetration, seepage rate, thus greatly reduce the penetration of groundwater to the pipeline, and to reduce the medium seep into the soil and groundwater.
9, the strict inspection standards: the company has advanced testing equipment, strict inspection weekly inspection standard

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